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SriKaalika e-commerce solutions

A bespoke e-commerce website helps companies to reach a bigger share of the market by making it easier for customers to make a buying decision.

For designing each e-commerce solution, we analyse and understand the nature of the products and their target audience. We then design the navigation, user journeys, browse and product display elements in a way to maximise the website's conversion rate.

Project Rescue

A software project becoming a complex, tangled web beyond the control of the development team is something that happens quite often with inexperienced companies. While there are times when the system requirements bring such a situation about, there are times when such complexity can be blamed on a poor designed and structured system.

If you have noticed that your current developers seem to be unable to complete the project on time, get in touch with us. We keep the architecture of our systems simple.

Awesome Support

After a software product has been developed, it still needs to be maintained and updated to satisfy the changing demands and needs of its users. This calls for good quality long-term support that will enable changes to be implemented effectively.

We offer you long-term support you can depend on, allowing you to go about your core business without worrying about how any enhancements you require will be captured by the system. You dream of new functionality, we will figure out how to make the software product incorporate them.

Ui/Ux Design

Crafting simple solutions to complex problems

We’re all about the detail. As Web Design, UI & UX Design specialists we’re here to help craft your ideas into something beautiful and fit for purpose.

Product Development

We have designed and implemented software products for many different clients and we can do the same for you.

Make us your partner of choice in the creation and implementation of any web-based or desktop base software products you are thinking of selling, and you will be enlisting the expertise of experienced Microsoft .NET and Java developers who also have plenty of expertise in the design of web-based systems.

Web Development

While we agree that the aesthetics of a website is important, what determines how well it carries out its functions and achieves its intended purpose is its quality of build.

You can rest assured that our web applications will more than meet your expectations because we are particular about following industry best practices and standards. Your web applications will also be of the highest quality, developed using the latest available technology.


Custom apps for iPhone and iPad

Everyone knows of the success of Apple's iPhone and iPad across the globe. And this is largely due to how usable these devices are.

Our team of experienced app developers are able to help you adapt these devices to your operations by creating iPhone and iPad applications that work on both native and cross-platform technologies.


Custom Android apps

Equally successful in the mobile marketplace has been Google's Android operation system. Many vendors of mobile devices use this as the platform for their smart phones and tablets. There are millions of applications available for this platform and many more are still being developed.

Is Android your preferred platform for mobile? Our team of seasoned mobile developers are able to create customised applications for you that run on Android.


Windows Phone 8 development

While the Windows smart phone operating system from Microsoft is yet to attain the market share enjoyed by iOS and Android, all factors indicate that it will be a force in the near future. If you would like to exploit the functionality of this growing mobile platform, we can help.

Our team of developers has completed several projects based on .NET and we are therefore able to develop powerful, high quality applications based on the Windows phone platform.

About us


SriKaalika, is an IT services provider company which has skills and expertise to facilitate complex business solutions. We offer services of entire software, web development, Content Management Solutions and Creative Design from the very beginning until the end. Our overall process includes concept, design, development, incorporation, and implementation. We have a squad of experts, who are working on modern technologies and tools with vast experience to carry out web based projects, e-commerce, mobile applications and programming scripting languages like PHP, MySql, JQuery, Ajax, CSS, XHTML, Drupal CMS, Smarty, Wordpress, with web2.0 standards.

      Web Design & Development
      E-Commerce Applications
      Business Directory Development
      Content Management Solutions
      Search Engine Optimization
      Mobile Applications
      Creative Design
      Web Business
      Web 2.0 Interactive Sites
      Web Maintenance
      Creative Design
      Market Research
      Big Data

Our vision is to help organizations in successful and qualitative representation of their businesses on technology by truly understanding their needs followed by customized solutions for them. Our main aim is to deliver highly quality product and to maintain long lasting relationship with our clients.

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